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Map of the United States depicting TV landscape

Why Automation & Collaboration Will Scale Addressable TV

[A version of this post originally published on Ad Age.] In today’s world, where viewers curate their own “must watch TV” across a combination of content...

/ November 16, 2021

Webinar: How Speaking the Language of Data Will Drive Success for Addressable TV

Today’s marketing is defined by the growing need for improved measurement and attribution. When reflecting on the TV landscape, you discover that addressable TV enables...

/ September 28, 2021

Cadent Launches Aperture Platform To Support Cross-Screen Multi-Seller Addressable TV Marketplace

Premium Inventory from DISH TV, SLING TV, National Networks, and U.S. MVPDs, representing 62%+ of all U.S. addressable impressions, now available through a self-service platform.

/ July 13, 2021