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Nick Troiano is the Chief Executive Officer of Cadent. Under Nick's leadership, Cadent reinvented itself as a global provider of end-to-end, data-driven advertising, technology, and media solutions for a rapidly changing video marketplace.

Cadent’s Next Step in Fulfilling the Cross-Channel Promise of TV

How the acquisition of 4INFO furthers our mission to restore simplicity to TV.

/ January 2, 2020

The Future of TV Is Cross-Screen Reach, Not Walled Gardens

How marketers can reach audiences across screens, devices, formats and services

/ June 12, 2019

A Simplified, Unified, TV Industry Will Help Marketers Win

The current dynamics in the TV industry should be viewed as an opportunity to initiate change to make all pieces of the ecosystem work better...

/ July 30, 2018

The Next Chapter of TV Is Just Beginning

Advertisers continue to rely on television as the most powerful vehicle for emotionally resonant storytelling. Sight, sound, and motion connect with audiences as no other...

/ June 10, 2018