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Fireside Chat Replay: Henkel’s Melinda V. Johnson and Cadent’s Lauren Treinen

Last week, Cadent Account Executive, Lauren Treinen hosted a fireside chat with Henkel Director of Marketing, Hair, Melinda V. Johnson as a part of the Brand Innovators’...

/ July 8, 2021
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TV Ad Tech 101: Let’s Learn About Campaign Objectives

This is Class 1 where we will learn about Campaign Objectives. To continue reading, check out the TV Ad Tech 101 page. The TV landscape...

/ July 6, 2021

Fireside Chat Replay: Headspace’s Valerie Kaplan and Cadent’s Paul Alfieri

Last week, Cadent CMO, Paul Alfieri hosted a Cannes fireside chat with Headspace CMO, Valerie Kaplan. They discussed Kaplan’s experience joining a company remotely, the...

/ June 29, 2021

Pride at Cadent: Jordan Dunnigan, Human Resources Generalist

June is Pride Month, a time to celebrate individuals who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer, as well as the history of LGBTQ+ rights movement.   In 2021,...

/ June 21, 2021

Cadent Virtual Upfront: Marketers’ Discuss Priorities for ’21-22, Need for Accountability and Transparency

Thought leaders from Initiative, Empower, 2NIL Holdings, TCA and more share their perspectives on Upfronts

/ April 8, 2021

Women at Cadent: Deepti Goyal, Senior Director of Quality Assurance

Deepti discusses team motivation, women in engineering, and the importance of volunteerism

/ March 30, 2021

Women at Cadent: Nina Keinberger, Vice President of Research

Nina talks about rock-star dreams, effective leadership, and what we can learn from sailing crews

/ March 25, 2021

Women at Cadent: Camille Marcos Napa, Senior Counsel

Camille talks about taking a nonlinear career path, the benefits of being a working mother, and what we should all be reading

/ March 23, 2021

Women at Cadent: Alex Grier, Senior Director of Broadcast Media Buying

Alex shares why showing your human side is critical as a leader, and why expressing gratitude matters

/ March 19, 2021