This week, we’re talking about the latest news from Baby Nut; Fortnite’s foray into live events; and Dos Equis’s genius solution to hanging out in the time of social distancing.

Baby Nut makes his debut on Planters packaging. Baby Nut, the Planters Peanut mascot that replaced Mr. Peanut, made its entrance to the world during a Super Bowl spot earlier this year. Now, the new character is appearing on Planters packaging in grocery stores. (Adweek)

Dos Equis comes up with a solution for socially-distant hangouts. It’s a six-foot cooler. The beverage brand’s latest ads feature a super long cooler, so long that you can put it between you and a buddy while you enjoy a beer and have the comfort of knowing you are following social distancing guidelines. Unfortunately, the cooler sold out very quickly. (Ad Age)

Fortnite hosts its first full-length movie. After hosting a series of concerts, the game will host its first “Movie Nite” featuring three films from Christopher Nolan. Taking place on Party Royale island within the game, players can watch “Batman Begins,” “Inception,” or “The Prestige” depending on where in the world they’re playing the game. (Polygon)

A comedy show that makes for excellent comfort viewing. Writer and TV critic Sean T. Collins explains why “Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job!” has held up almost a decade. (The New York Times)

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