This week, we’re talking about TikTok’s growing user base; another virtual reunion from Josh Gad; and the NHL’s original programming during the pandemic.

TikTok increases user base. The app generated “the most downloads for any app ever in a quarter” in Q1 of this year, and among the 18+ set, TikTok garnered almost 29 million mobile unique visitors in March. In April, that number soared to 39.2 million, up from 12.6 million who used the app last April. (Adweek)

The NHL creates original show in lieu of live sporting events.  Until games return, the NHL is getting creative by producing a slate of original shows (produced remotely) accessible across both TV and digital. One example, “Hat Trick Trivia,” is uploaded simultaneously to the NHL’s site and its accounts on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Soon after, the show airs on TV, including on NBCSN and NHL Network. Content includes homemade videos with star players and classic game replays with the NHL’s interest “solely to keep the NHL front of mind,” says NHL chief content officer Steve Mayer.(Digiday)

Josh Gad reunites the Lord of the Rings cast.  In the latest episode of Josh Gad’s web series, Reunited Apart, Gad is bringing the fellowship back together, including Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen and Sean Astin. The full episode premieres this Sunday. (AV Club)

The marketing trends to know now. Travis Scott’s performance on Fortnight attracted 12.3 million live viewers, and Charli XCX performed at a virtual music festival for Minecraft. Marketers are embracing more raw qualities of production and thinking in out-of-the-box ways with how they’re creating experiences. Read a breakdown of the trends from Adweek.

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