This week we’re talking about a Valentine’s Day parody site, Planters’ Baby Nut campaign and the latest in streaming news, including Disney+’s subscriber count.

The best spots from the Big Game. Super Bowl LIV drew about 100 million viewers, up from last year. Ad Age reviewed all the ads from the game, which you can watch here, concluding that “there was an exhausting number of movie flashbacks, remakes and references.” Nostalgia is a powerful thing. MC Hammer, Winona Ryder and Molly Ringwald all made appearances in ads. Adweek writes that Amazon’s “#BeforeAlexa,” Google’s “Loretta” and Jeep’s “Groundhog Day” are the three best spots of the night. “Groundhog Day,” which took Adweeks No. 1 spot, is a revival of the 90s movie. Read the story behind the spot here

A Valentine’s Day parody site goes viral. Conceptual artist and director Ani Acopian and music producer and writer Suzy Shinn created a pop-up site featuring dating profiles in Amazon’s UI. You can scan a page of headshots and click on one to find more information (J, 29, “have never lost their AirPod Pros”) and cryptic reviews (“The product is like new and I have had no issues with it. Glad I was able to save a few bucks and still get a quality product. Thanks!”). Since the parody launched, the site has gotten over 10,000 applications by people wanting to be featured on it. (Fast Company)

A Close-Up of Planters’ Baby Nut. After killing off the beloved monocled character in its Super Bowl spot, Planters brought us Baby Nut, an infant version of Mr. Peanut. Planters’ brand manager said inspiration came from Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow, who demonstrated “this renewed appreciation for these fictional characters after their death.” Read more about the campaign’s success on Adweek

The latest in streaming news. Disney+ launched in November and already has 26.5 million subscribers, the company said during its earnings call on Tuesday. HBO Max, launching in May, is also launching a label with Warner Bros. to make movies for the streaming service. Mobile streaming service Quibi will launch April 6 with content featuring Will Forte, Kiefer Sutherland and Chance The Rapper. See ads for the shows premiering on the new service.

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