This week we’re talking about the rise of OTT advertising in the presidential election, specifically with Joe Biden’s campaign; a record new spend for Cyber Monday; and Netflix and YouTube’s streaming platform domination this year and next year.

Joe Biden embraces OTT. The presidential candidate is investing in OTT as part of a larger ad buy in early-voting states, according to reporting from Adweek. The Biden campaign director of digital advertising for Biden’s campaign said the team recognizes “the growth of non-linear TV and will continue to invest in it as part of the paid media campaign.” The Biden campaign is spending $6 million for TV and digital ads in early-voting states. (Adweek)

Cyber Monday gets a new record spend. An estimated $9.2 billion, an increase of 16.9%, according to Adobe Analytics. The online shopping day is supposed to be a record day for smartphone spending, with over $3 billion, spent in 24 hours. (CNBC)

Netflix and YouTube are the top-watched platforms for video. And that won’t change in 2020, but they might lose some share given the intensifying competition including Disney+, HBO Max and Apple TV+. Read more from eMarketer. (Variety)

That Peloton holiday ad. Some people really hated it, saying it was sexist and out of touch. Others really, really liked it. Read why the ad resonated with some people, including a woman recovering from brain surgery and another who belongs to a Facebook group for “Peloton moms.” (CNBC)

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