This week we’re talking about the best Halloween marketing, Game of Thrones and the Halloween pizza ads.

PlayStation Vue shuts down. Sony is shutting down its live TV streaming service PlayStation Vue on January 30th, 2020, the company announced today. The service launched four years ago as an early competitor in the pay-TV market. Competitors included Amazon and Netflix. That includes Disney with Disney+, Apple with Apple TV Plus, AT&T with HBO Max, and NBCUniversal with Peacock, among others. (The Verge

GoT creators aren’t going to work on Star Wars. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss aren’t going to work with Disney’s Lucasfilm to launch a feature film trilogy in 2022. Citing their Netflix deal, the pair won’t be working on an installment of Star Wars. (Deadline

Halloween pizza ad wars. Halloween happens to be one of the most popular pizza-ordering days of the year, according to industry group American Pizza Community. October is national pizza month, and in celebration, Pizza Hut is giving out $20 gift cards on Reddit; Domino’s is offering $50 gift cards for people who retweet a post about the celebratory month; and Papa John’s is offering an $11 jack-o-lantern pizza with a smiley face made of pepperoni. (Ad Age)  

Spooky good Halloween creative. Read The Drum‘s roundup of Halloween coverage. See a psychic perform a spiritual taste test for Burger King, a haunted rum ad from Bacardi, and for Progressive, couples experience the greatest spook of all: becoming their parents.

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