This week, we’re talking about a new IAB Tech Lab transparency standard, summer TV watching habits and the new season of “Stranger Things,” which premieres July 4.

New data transparency standard from the IAB Tech Lab. The standard is aimed at establishing :minimum disclosure and transparency standards for any company that collects audience data for targeting, personalization, or measurement of digital advertising, and ultimately to encourage more informed data usage,” according to the IAB. The new standard allows for more clarity by allowing buyers to receive information regarding “the date the user ID was collected, the URL, location data, and if the segment includes lookalike modeling.” (AdExchanger)

People prefer TV to the beach. According to the VAB,  95% of P18+ watch ad-supported TV during summer months. Last year’s trends show that TV watching rises during summer holidays; P35-49 watched 24 more minutes of TV on the 4th of July in 2018. We can expect a similar trend for July 4 of this year. The report also said TV’s popularity goes beyond the TV screen with 68% of the top 10 trending Twitter conversations revolving around ad-supported TV accounts.  (The VAB)

“Stranger Things” is coming back. Netflix’s hit show returns tomorrow. If you forgot where we left off almost two years ago with season two, the Times has a handy guide to catch you up. (The New York Times)

U.S. Women move on to Finals in World Cup. The U.S. Women beat England 2-1 in the semifinals on Tuesday. They will continue to the finals on Sunday against either the Netherlands or Sweden, depending on today’s game. The U.S. is the first team to make it to the finals three years in a row.  (ESPN)

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