This week, we’re talking about a new IAB advanced TV matrix, The New York Times new foray into TV and Shark Week.

Tech is changing things for the better, most say. Most adults see technology as the biggest driver of change and think that’s a good thing, according a trends report from Ford. However, 70% of millennials would like to undo behavioral changes caused by technology. (MediaPost)

The IAB clears up advanced TV confusion. The IAB Video Center of Excellence released a matrix “through which to view the Advanced TV landscape” this week. Enjoy the matrix and references to “The Matrix” (Remember this line from Morpheus? “Remember: all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.”) on the IAB’s site. (IAB)

Shark Week is here for its 31st season. Shark Week, TV’s longest running event, is back on The Discovery Channel July 28-August 4. Last year, the show turned 30, and it garnered 48 million views from users across Facebook and Instagram. See a new preview and get pumped for the upcoming installment on Deadline.

The NYT does TV.  Read why The New York Times is expanding into television with a 30-episode docuseries on FX called “The Weekly.” Stories will include a closer look at the Times’ reporting on Louisiana’s T.M. Landry College Prep and NYC’s yellow cab industry, among many other topics. According to Times’ assistant managing editor Sam Dolnick, after the news outlet evolved to a digital platform and audio powerhouse, “TV was the next frontier.” (Adweek).

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Posted by Felicia Greiff