This week, we’re talking about the summer movies you should stream this weekend, the return of New Coke in a bid for nostalgia and the impact of GDPR on marketers’ data initiatives.

MDW streaming faves. Vanity Fair has the most important part of Memorial Day Weekend covered – which summer movies to watch this weekend when you’re not barbecuing. On the list: “Dirty Dancing,” “A League of Their Own” and Call Me by Your Name.”

GDPR’s impact on marketers. One year after the General Data Protection Regulation went into effect, how are marketers feeling about the EU law? A survey from Winterberry Group and the IAB found US marketers are still worried about the impact government regulation will have on their work with data. Organizational silos and difficult proving ROI of data programs are other anxieties marketers have related to their data-driven projects. (eMarketer)

Game of Thrones wins ratings record. The final episode of “Game of Thrones” brought in a series record of 19.3 million viewers. The finale topped last week’s episode, “The Bells,” with 18.4 million viewers. (CNN Business)

“Stranger Things” brings back New Coke. In 1985, Coke launched “New Coke,” a new formulation of the beverage that had a largely negative reception. But for the third season of Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” New Coke is coming back. The New Coke campaign is aimed at reaching people in the evolving media landscape, according to Stuart Kronauge, president of Coke’s sparkling business unit and SVP-marketing for Coca-Cola North America, adding, “It’s important for us to make sure that we are where our consumers’ eyeballs and hearts and spirits are.” (WSJ and CNN)

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Posted by Felicia Greiff