This week, we’re talking about “Schitt’s Creek,” global streaming growth and Brexit.

“Friends,” “Seinfeld,” etc. According to Nielsen’s latest Total Audience Report, Americans spend more than 10 hours a day on their phones. Additionally, the report looked into factors that influence streaming choices, with the most influential one being “existing shows I used to watch on broadcast media being available for streaming.” Coming in a close second was recommendations from family and friends. (Hollywood Reporter)

“Schitt’s Creek” to end after 6 seasons. On the heels of CBS taking full ownership of the Pop TV, the creators of one of the network’s most successful shows announced its next season would be its last. “Schitt’s Creek” Co-creators Eugene Levy and his son Daniel Levy issued a joint statement saying they had envisioned how the story would conclude from the beginning. (CBC)

Streaming services add more than 100M subscribers globally. The new global subscriber total is 613 million, according to data from the MPAA. Cable subscriptions are down 2% for a total of 556 million. (Hollywood Reporter)

Execs talk about Brexit’s impact on marketing. The Drum collected perspectives from UK and Ireland ad industry execs about the potential impact of Brexit on advertising and marketing. Top brass from WPP, Sky, Ebiquity and more talk about access to talent, consumer confidence, taxation and more. Jellyfish CFO Chris Lee said of the uncertainty, “As a business, the only thing we can do is base our decisions on the information that we have available.” (The Drum)

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Posted by Felicia Greiff