As brand advertising has begun shifting to modern, data-driven techniques in the past decade, advertisers continue to rely on television as the most powerful vehicle for emotionally resonant storytelling. Sight, sound, and motion connect with audiences as no other medium can.

Yet new challenges have emerged. Increased ratings pressure, inflationary pricing, and audience fragmentation have given rise to new thinking and evolved methods of targeting and measurement. In this climate of uncertainty, the industry grapples with how to balance investments between the old and the new.

Our vision is to restore simplicity to a TV world made complex by walled gardens and an influx of data. We understand that advertisers need to connect with their audiences wherever they are and continuously test, iterate, and learn from their campaigns.

We believe that TV advertising must evolve. Advertisers can’t rip-and-replace current media strategies, yet the industry must answer challenges like ratings erosion and cord cutting. We believe that a steady evolution is the best way to help advertisers show value while preserving and respecting the TV economy.

We’re ready for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Our people, process, and technology make Cadent uniquely prepared to guide advertisers through the evolution of television. The complexities required to deliver effective TV advertising have increased exponentially over the past decade. While frustrating at times, this complex ecosystem comes with tremendous opportunity and Cadent has brought one2one Media into the portfolio and spent the past year integrating their expertise, proprietary data and overall experience into a single tech platform. Our platform was designed to simplify the process and deliver immense value to marketers across the medium of television.

Cadent brings together all of TV — linear, advanced, and fully addressable inventory — into a single solution that streamlines buying and selling. Advertisers can simply plan, activate, and optimize, while media owners can simply sell, deliver, and monetize.

Moving forward together is the best way to embrace TV’s evolution, and we’re proudly supporting television by powering its transformation. For buyers and planners, advertisers and their agencies, media owners and their sellers — Cadent is unified and simplified. We’re one for television.

Posted by Nick Troiano

Nick Troiano is the Chief Executive Officer of Cadent. Under Nick's leadership, Cadent reinvented itself as a global provider of end-to-end, data-driven advertising, technology, and media solutions for a rapidly changing video marketplace.